I'm here to tell your story.

I want to be able to take those special moments in your life that you will truly cherish one day and look back on in the future. We sometimes don't realize how fast life passes us by and we forget to savor life's most precious memories. I have always found portraits to be my favorite next to nature photography because the uniqueness a person holds is one of the things we tend to take for granted. Being able to capture the beauty and lives of human beings and nature is something that has kept me sane in today's world. We tend to overlook how people and nature really coexist and even depend on each other.

That is why I love being a photographer. It's more than just holding a camera and taking a photo. Being able to look through a tiny viewfinder and choosing the right moments to photograph makes you aware of everything around you. It makes me see things that I hadn't noticed before and really opens my eyes, despite only seeing whatever is inside the frame of my camera. To take in what's all around me when I'm photographing people, allows me to really portray the emotions and everything else felt in those special moments for you that much more. I want my photos to take you right back to that day.

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“What I like about a photograph is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

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