Fine Art

Below is a handful of projects that I have photographed over the years. The fine art images that I create tend to evoke a lot of emotion and concepts that I don't get to regularly photograph in some of my other work. I hope you take the time to go through each one and read a little bit about them.

Figure Study

Here I have used dramatic lighting with the use of black and white to capture the intricacies of the human figure.


This project was photographed in color film and I tried to portray a melancholic feeling within a relationship, as well as other emotions and problems we may face or overthink about as well. The way I photographed the subjects was intentional to really let the viewers decide what kind of story they paint inside their minds while looking at these photos.

Lost and Forgotten

Below are photographs of random objects I found while walking around the city of Grand Rapids, MI. I came across this concept while always seeing so many things left behind everywhere I went and decided I wanted to document them. The objects I chose to photograph were things that possibly had a moment with someone whether it was for a day or even longer than that. They had meaning at one point and all of a sudden were lost and forgotten for a reason we may never know why, which fascinates me even more.

Constructing an Environment: Climate Change

I had a project where we had to construct some sort of environment on black and white film. I decided to create little environments that showed the effect of climate change on animals with the use of satire in a way that almost all ages could understand.